sobota, 1 marca 2014

Big Return after loong break

It's over two years now, yeah it was a long break in the meantime there was a new WH40K edition published. There were also a lot of changes in my live, I moved to another country and yeh, Folks here are also playing battlegames :) I didn't stop painting and playing WH and WH40K I just didn't have time to post new stuff on blog, But now I'm back, I'm mean and green.
By my WH40K Orcs army I've started to collect and pant Orcs and Goblins WH army so there are some photos of my latest miniatures.

New Dakka Jet Red Baron

Mangler squig - Work in progres
Arachnarok spider
Two new lootas
Grumlok & Gazbag

wtorek, 15 listopada 2011

November Ork

It's been a while since my last blog entry and I haven't painted much, actually i made a little brake from painting orks and decided to paint something completely different.
Beyond you can see miniature made for Steampunk Role Playing Game - Wolsung, this is my little brake from painting Orks

I haven't completely forgot about my orks army, beyond you can see first member of my new Kommandos Team.
 I've decided to paint their uniforms using grey urban camouflage. Well it is the beginning of totally new unit in my orks army. There is going to be two another totally new unita in my army ( some lootas and burnas ) but I haven't painted non of them yes so there is nothing to show.
P.S. You may see I'm having little problems with old photos, I hope I will be able to solve this problem this week.

poniedziałek, 24 października 2011

And there was blood....mine.

First battle after year break, ... lost.
Unfortunately It wasn't even a great fun. Battle was too big, and it took too long. And it made me tired.
But From the beginning:
We met in high noon, there was three of us, previously we decided that there will be three armies: Space Marines, Necrons and Orks. But there suppose to be two armies of Space Marines, unfortunately second colleague with Space Marines wasn't able to come. And there was no Space marines for 3000 points (each of us suppose to prepare army for 1500 points), but there was Tyranids, and this was my first lost, I agreed.

So there I stand along with Necrons against the wave of Tyranids

We were starting. First move : Tank-shocking spore mines with Battlewagon, moving Orks and Necrons forward, first shooting, few Tyranids down.

In Their first round two Tervigons breed over 25 of Termagants, and they moved forward, and four Hive guards killed 3 out of 5 of my moto-boyz, too bad.

Out second turn, Necrons move forward, on our left flank my Motonobz move forward and shoot to genestealers, with no effect, Shoota boyz and Neckons shoot at termagants and kill all of them but one.

In their second turn Tyranids move forward and shoot, killing another Moto-Ork, leaving my Nob alone.
In our third turn my Battlewagon Tankshocked Termagants, and Tervigon inflicting him 3 wounds, and I charge with 20 of my blue sluga boyz Tervigon and 20 Hormagants, I also Charge Trygon with my Deff kopta and motonob and that was the mistake, they both died inflicting no wounds to Trygon. Blue Boyz are doing better they win close combat, killing all but two Hormagants, but there is not much of them left.

During their turn Tyranids attack, Tervigon, that was fighting my blue Orks, breeds more Termagants, and killed all of my Orks. On our left wing Genestealers attack my Motonobz squad with Warboss, inflicting many wounds. Trygon and Hive Tyrant destroy my Battlewagon, and Tyranofex destroyed big shoota in another one.

During our turn there was a lot of shooting, Motonobz killed all the Genestealers that left, with a little help of Necron Scarab Swarms. In this moment my big mistake was that I stood in place, now I think, I should charge . This was our fourth turn.

Tyranids wasn't waiting, they destroyed 30 of my Shoota Boyz with Reavers, Trygon, Hive Tyrant and Genestealers and they immobilized my Battlewagon, They charged Necrons with Hormagants, Termagants, Tervigon and Gargoyles and ... lost combat, losing all Gargoyles, all Hormagants and most of Termagants. Tervigon didn't pass his leadership test and escaped.

During fifth turn I got out of my red Battlewagon, charged second Tervigon with my red Orkz and it killed it. Also my Motonobz attacked Termagants and killed them all. Scarabs attacked Tyranofex and stuck it in combat.

Durign their turn Trygon, Hive Tyrant destroyed my red battlewagon, Reavers and Hive Guards killed my Red Orks squad, and Genestealers stayed in place to take objective.
Unfortunately it wasn't over yet.

Necron shooting to Hive Tyrant and Trygon took no effect they where destroyed by them.
Tyranofex, finally killed scarab swarms and attacked Necron warriors on out left flank contesting our only objective, Hive guards shoot down my Warboos and painboy destroying my last models on board, For me this was The End.

Of course we lost. During this game I realized that Orks can shoot, but when they are able they should charge and kill in close combat, only this way they can do something. And another thing I forgot, when you attack, you should attack with everything, but I wanted to have some reserves and that was the mistake.
Another cause of our lost was that I had an army list prepared for Space Marines and there were Tyranids.
And last but not least Necrons sucks ;) (at least until their new codex arrives)

sobota, 22 października 2011

Before the battle begins

During this week I was able to prepare my army for the battle.
Because we decided to stick to the rule "you don't have it painted, you don't have it at all", that's why I needed to paint all of my miniatures.

So I finally painted my whole blue sluga boyz squad (all 30 of them)


and my whole shoota boyz squad (also 30 of them).
I've finished painting my biker boyz.
And here is how my whole orks army looks like:

Tomorrow I return to the battlefield after about a year of absence, we shell see how it's going to be. No matter if I loose or win, I'm going to have fun.

wtorek, 18 października 2011

Green wekend

The weekend has passed and unfortunately our game was moved to next Sunday, so my motivation to paint all of my miniatures has gone with the wind. That doesn't mean that I haven't painted anything, but for now there is not much to show (That is why above you can see the picture of my birthday cake, that my wife made me half year ago). For now the whole blue sluga boyz squad is painted - I just need to take photos of them - and I'm taking care of moto boyz and shoota boyz right now (2 motors ad 10 shoota boyz to paint). I think, I will be able to paint them until Sunday (new photos coming soon).

During the weekend I've finished Campaign in Space Marine and I really enjoyed the game, I think it's awesome, great scenario, great locations (real forge-world), great fights. Nice ending. It's a little bit too short but I hope multiplayer mode will do the stuff.

niedziela, 9 października 2011

Red Orktober

The weekend has past. I was able to paint some red orks unit with battlewagon dedicated for this unit. Now I've got whole 20 of them.Unfortunately I've broke down my air-paintbrush. Above, you can see the whole unit of my red Orks with their battlewagon. Battlewagoin is still waiting for its defrolla, but I hope, soon I will be able to order myself one. From this moment there are 20 sluga boyz waiting for to be painted, and two bikes. I've got one week to do this - we're arranging the battle-meeting next Sunday. I think there is going to be first battlereport with photos on this blog. But for now I've got a lot of painting to do, blue orks unit is waiting.

czwartek, 6 października 2011

And They Shell Know No Fear !!

Finally I've received my copy of Space Marine and for last two evenings I've been playing Campaign. From my point of view the game is awesome, you can feel the power of Space Marine Power armour and genetically modified body. There is no cover you must hide (like in Gears Of War), you just face your enemies and kill them. I really like orks models showed in the game, during the play you are able to feel the power of ork Nobs (awesome melee scenes), and to see how difficult is to fight against ork mob.
I've enjoyed the game, and soon after finishing campaign I'm going to play some multi-player games.
Of course I don't forget about painting my miniatures :), and I hope, I will be able to show some photos of new painted models soon.

Image comes from website:
Official Space Marine website :